A Managed Firewall Service.

Net Safe N’ Sound is a Managed Network Solution where you pay an affordable monthly fee and we provide a customized appliance including support for your business.This allows businesses of all sizes to comfortably maintain a secure network with all the features that normally cost much more.

While others are purchasing firewalls at a great expense and training personnel to maintain them, you would be simply paying an affordable monthly payment and having the appliance managed and furnished.

Column 1: What it Means to be Safe N' Sound

What it Means to be Safe N’ Sound
  • Being Safe N’ Sound means that your network is protected inside and out.
  • It means your data is secured between your business locations.
  • It means your employees are protected from sites you don’t want them to access.
  • It means your network is more capable and robust than ever!

Column 2: Control Your Way

Control Your Way
  • It’s your network, make it work like you want!

    Column 3: Safe N' Sound Features

    Safe N’ Sound Features
    • Firewall / Network Access Control
    • VPN between sites or remote access
    • Control user access to the web
    • See full feature list.