SnS Lite

The SNS Lite model is ideal for endpoints and locations with low to medium bandwidth requirements. It is a small form factor unit, barely bigger than a paperback novel but packed with power.  The SNS Lite has no moving parts thanks to its fanless design, low-heat CPU, and Compact Flash storage. It also uses very little power, only around 5-6 watts under normal conditions.

Capabilities of the SNS Lite:

◊ Can handle between 70-85 Mbit/s of normal traffic.
◊ 8-20 Mbit/s of VPN traffic, depending on the cipher and VPN type.
◊ Has three network ports, to easily handle multiple WANs or multiple internal networks. †
◊ Can handle 20,000+ simultaneous connections.


Not enough for you? Check out the SNS Elite!



† Can handle any number of networks with VLANs, capability refers to physical ports only.