There are Safe ‘N Sound products for every size network, from SOHO to Enterprise. There are two common base models, but for even larger networks we can make custom solutions of nearly any size.

Our two most popular products are The SNS Lite, and the SNS Elite.

All of our products offer you a multitude of features, such as:

◊ Can act in many roles, such as a perimeter/edge firewall, internal router, VPN appliance, and more.
◊ Network access control by firewall rules in any direction (inbound, outbound, over VPN, etc.)
◊ Simplified firewall rulesets by use of Aliases (collections of hosts/networks, ports.)
◊ NAT (Source and Destination), Port Forwards, 1:1 NAT, etc.
◊ Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network (VPN) support with IPsec or OpenVPN.
◊ Remote Access VPN support with IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.
◊ Remote Access VPNs can use a software client for PCs/Macs, and can also work with mobile devices such as Android phones and tablets, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and more.
◊ Multiple WAN support: Policy routing, connection-based load balancing, failover, multi-link PPPoE.
◊ Static routes, dynamic routing protocols.
◊ Bridging, VLANs, GIF/GRE tunnels, LAGG interfaces.
◊ Wireless with WiFi and/or 3G hardware.
◊ Network Portal can force users to login before granting Internet access. Can use usernames/passwords or one-time voucher codes.
◊ Traffic Shaping/QoS
◊ Can act as an internal DNS server, DHCP server, NTP server, and more.
◊ Monitors system activity and graphs key data for viewing such as CPU utilization, network activity, active connection count, and more.
◊ Can work with Dynamic DNS hostnames in firewall rules and VPN endpoints, so static IPs are not needed in many cases.
◊ Functionality can be expanded by additional modules such as a web access/control proxy, detailed traffic graphing, e-mail reports, and more. †

With all these features and more, there are very few scenarios a Safe N’ Sound device can’t handle!


† Availability and type of modules varies by SNS model.