Who We Are

The team behind Net Safe N’ Sound has decades of experience with networking and security, and we are ready to help you secure your network and control it the way that you want. We implement and manage networks, firewalls, VPNs, and related technologies.  Each tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our extensive experience and knowledge, coupled with our powerful “Net Safe N’ Sound” appliance, makes it easy for us to implement protections and enhancements for networks of all shapes and sizes.

Where We’ve Been

We have specialized in Network Solutions since 1997.  Though we deal primarily in the Midwest we have helped develop security solutions that are currently in use worldwide.  We have since perfected a managed firewall solution, which we launched as a service in 2007.   This service entails a customized appliance which we provide and manage for an affordable monthly fee.

Where We’re Going

Thanks to our history of cutting edge solutions and support we are expanding our customer base.  Through our advanced remote management, diagnostics, and monitoring solutions our goal is to become the eyes and ears of our client’s network.  In the ever changing world of technical advancement today, networks have become more and more evolved presenting many different possible scenarios.  Each scenario presents its own challenge.  Here at Net Safe and Sound we are committed to meeting those challenges, and in the upcoming years we will continue to lead our clients safely into the future.