Network Security (Firewall)

The Network Security services offered by Net Safe N’ Sound work with you to control access into and out of your network. Some examples of scenarios we can help you with are:


  • -Allow access into hosted services for outside access, such as self-hosted mail systems,  devices that need vendor access, video security systems, and more.
  • -Restrict access to the above based on IP, network range, dynamic DNS hostname, or only allow access with a VPN/VPN Client.
  • -Restrict outbound traffic to reduce impact of infections.
  • -Only allow outbound e-mail to a mail server you specify, or only allow inbound e-mail access from a specific internal mail server.
  • -Restrict or remove internet access from certain workstations or devices.
  • -Allow you to leverage multiple external IP addresses for use with inbound NAT (port forwards), outbound NAT (forcing certain services to use separate IPs), 1:1 NAT, or using them directly on a routed or bridged interface.