SnS Elite

The SNS Elite model is ideal for larger networks, locations with medium to high bandwidth requirements, and locations looking for fine-grained web access control.

The SNS Elite comes in a shallow-depth 1U rack mount chassis but can also sit on a desk/shelf.  It is approximately the same size as other common firewall units (PIX 515, Sonicwall, etc).  The SNS Elite is built with an efficient Atom-powered CPU that only uses 33-40W of power in most conditions.

Capabilities of the SNS Elite, in addition to the standard features:

◊ Can handle between 200+ Mbit/s of normal traffic.
◊ 40+ Mbit/s of VPN traffic, depending on the cipher and VPN type.
◊ Has two network ports, can be expanded to support 1-4 additional ports to handle multiple WANs or multiple internal networks. †
◊ Can handle 100,000+ simultaneous connections, and can be expanded to support 1,000,000+
◊ Can act as a web proxy for your network, controlling access on a per-IP basis with standard blacklists or custom lists of allowed/denied sites.
◊ Can act as an IDS/IPS system to protect your network. ‡
◊ Has an HDD or SSD for storage, and optionally can have two drives in a RAID configuration.
◊ Can monitor traffic and break down usage per IP address.


Too large? Check out the SNS Lite! Not enough? Contact us and let us know your needs, and we can customize a solution for you.



† Can handle any number of networks with VLANs, capability refers to physical ports only.
‡ Requires an additional yearly subscription for IDS signatures.